In todays video I talk about how to improve your resume to get a job as a developer in just a manner of minutes. Check it out!

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  1. This is a great video with something practical everyone could use. Tutorials are only a small part of this world. The biggest hurdle for anyone that didn't come up in the tech world is learning how to get a foot in the door. These tips are GOLD! Thumbs up keep up the great work Chris!

  2. Hello Chris Sean I am Jahkamso I love your videos, it motivates me to keep on coding. I am also a web developer but a junior. So I just want to say well done.

  3. should i add a photo or just leave it this way because i'm using photoshop to create my resume and i have that feeling that tells me to add a small photo in the resume so what i do???
    please help me and thank you in advance

  4. Thank you! Im so glad I came across your video. This is going to help me to fix my resume which sucks compared to what I just learned from this video…

  5. Hi guys! is it okay to put my past experience as an IT service desk to my resume? I'm currently looking for a jr. developer role. I know my previous job has nothing to with development but I don't want my employer to think I didn't do anything for the past year, so will it hurt my resume if I do put it?

  6. I've watched some of your other videos and honestly this one has been the most helpful thus far. I do feel like I need to complete a few more projects before I start applying. Thanks for your help, really appreciate it!


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