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Optimize RAM/Memory For Gaming. This Will Increase FPS And Fix Lag In Almost All Games✔️

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⛔NOTE: All The Steps Are Done At Your Own Risk. I Recommend You Create Restore Point On Windows Before Doing All The Steps

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  1. Now I am playing Cyberpunk in my amd athlon 2core4thread with Vega 3 GFX graphics in High settings 😂.
    Thanks now I am going to run GTA v in my 2 GB ram Laptop

  2. Thank you so much Trimors, I play csgo with (Intel Core 2 duo E8400, 4gb ram and GT 630 palit) and i have 40 to 100 fps unstable but now i have 70 to 160 fps with stable 90 fps, THANK YOU SO MUCHH♥️♥️♥️♥️

  3. before i try anything i have a few things.

    1: my ram is 16GB but says 15.6 usable do i use the 16 or 15.6 in the calculations for the MB
    2: my games are on a hard drive so do i do the c drive (computer) or the d drive (hard drive). im talking about basically which drive do i set my custom ram on.

    please get back to me ASAP just got far cry 5 and need more fps to play and if i cant increase it ill have to get a refund. thanks for the video tutorial

  4. Holly sh*tttt. This freakin works and helps so much !!!
    I have 4GB RAM and while having only this video opened in microsoft edge I had 65% memory usage aftor that first tool it became 37-40 I can't believe that. Finally !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Like, suscribe with bell and RESPECT MATE !!!

  5. Wow wow wow wow Thanx Bro Love You Soo much Thanx Thanx Thanx thanx 10000000000 times😍🤑 my ram is 8GB but it avalable 5.5GB now 7.0 WOW WOW WOW…………..😋

    for anyone who doesnt want a virus the link that he has is a total fucking virus a bait website i copied this from his url


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